Strategic goals


We are ultrasonic technology creators and developers in Lithuania. In 1992, we created the first ultrasonic water meter in Lithuania. We have patented flow detector devices, and as we perfect them and invest in innovations, we also create other ultrasonic devices for measuring various mediums. We constantly seek new challenges and work to offer innovative solutions by successfully working with Lithuanian universities and investing in scientific research in this field.

The following events were important to Axis Industries' operations. Not only do they mark important stages in the group's operations, they also contributed to the development of the energy and industrial sectors:

  • In 1998, we created an ultrasonic wastewater meter and applied ultrasonic technology to the monitoring of wastewater in large pipe systems using multi-channel ultrasonic measurement algorithms.
  • In 2004, we applied ultrasonic technology to wastewater monitoring in pressurized pipes and created ultrasonic heat meters that would work with batteries.
  • In 2014, we created an ultrasonic heat and cooling energy monitoring device.
  • In 2015, we created an especially accurate ultrasonic water meter.

We are proud of the fact that our ultrasonic meters are used around the world: more than 2.5 million water meters and more than 250,000 other meters have been installed in countries in the Baltic, Scandinavian and Near East regions and in many other regions as well.


In 2014, we began applying the LEAN consistent improvement and efficiency promotion system. Over a few years, our company has successfully integrated the system:  throughout these years, employees have submitted about 1,400 ideas (kaizen). These ideas, submitted and evaluated by a special program, are also evaluated by a team of experts gathered by the company.

During the first two years of applying the LEAN system's principles:

  • Our manufacturing capabilities quadrupled and manufacturing periods became 30% shorter.
  • We saved almost 3,000 working hours.
  • We saved 1,500 square meters of manufacturing space.

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