The expansion of the scope of Axioma Servisas activities allowed the company to offer its customer two new services – provision of compressor and vacuum equipment repair and hydraulic system maintenance services to industrial and energy companies.

“Having presented the conveyor system service at the end of 2018, we are now opening two new doors to our customers. We are pursuing our goal to become the service company offering the widest range of services from one source in the Baltics,” said Artūras Lopeta, CEO at Axioma Servisas.

Compressor service

The company specialists already provide the installation, maintenance and repair services of various compressor equipment, such as air compressors, vacuum pumps and air filtration systems. The employees of the company also assist their customers in selection of air compressors of various application, capacity, pressure and power. The team of Axioma Servisas specialists can provide the economic estimations- and experience-based advice on the most efficient installation.

The new services include monitoring, calculation and assembly of pneumatic systems, as well as repair and trade in gas extraction equipment.

Axioma Servisas sells all types of air compressors, air compressor equipment parts and vacuum pumps, and represents in Lithuania such compressor equipment manufacturers as RENNER GmbH, OMEGA AIR, Hitema srl and MATTEI COMPRESSORS.

The hydraulic system is one of the important constituents of industrial equipment

According to Lopeta, hydraulic systems are among the most important constituents of industrial equipment. Proper operation of these systems ensures smooth and uninterrupted work of the equipment.

The experienced hydraulics maintenance specialists at Axioma Servisas can assess the condition of the hydraulic systems of industrial equipment and its separate parts, as well as to diagnose and eliminate failures. The company now also provides support services of these systems.

The basket of the new services includes design of hydraulic systems, manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders and stations, and sale of seals and other spare parts.

In three countries

The company regularly invests in both new services and geographic expansion of its activities. Axioma Services has four divisions in Lithuania: in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Mažeikiai. One company division operates in Estonia, and services are also supplied in Latvia.

The company currently employs more than 350 qualified specialists in different fields.

Axioma Serviso dvi naujos paslaugos

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