Audrius Blažauskas has become head of the Remeksi Keskus metal structure production and processing company. He has replaced Gintautas Gaižauskas, who will continue working with the company as the head of its commercial department.

A. Blažauskas has worked at Arvi partnership companies since 2008. For the last three years, he has served as the CEO of the BIOVAST group, which has united three businesses in Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus. He was also a member of the board of BelARVI, where he was responsible for initiating the factory in Belarus and for business development.  A. Blažauskas was also responsible for the results and improving the effectiveness of the production of all of the companies in the Arvi partnership.

“I am glad to see these changes and am confident that my experience in different manufacturing companies will enrich the competence of the team at Remeksi Keskus,” said A. Blažauskas.

Remeksi Keskus, which belongs to the AXIOMA group of companies, performs its manufacturing in Estonia. “The company’s primary directions remain the same - strengthening its standardized production and focusing on larger products, like bridge cranes,” said A. Blažauskas.

During the first half of this year, Remeksi Keskus achieved a turnover of 10.5 million EUR. Remeksi Keskus’ planned turnover for 2018 is 18 million EUR, and the projected turnover for 2019 is 22 million EUR.

Remeksi Keskus’ latest contract - with the Ukrainian Azovstal company - will involve the production of a bridge crane with a lifting force of 200 tons. This year, the company also renewed its cooperation agreement with the German HuDe company and the Russian CMM company. Some of Remeksi Keskus’ new clients, with whom the company intends to expand its work, include the German FAM company, Hugo Peterson, and the SMD company from the United Kingdom.

Remeksi Keskus, an Estonian company that has been operating since 1994, is the strongest center of metal processing and production competence in northern Europe. The company makes metal structures and custom installations for industrial companies. The company’s manufacturing facilities are located in a 10-hectare territory in northern Estonia. The company employs 255 workers.

Some of the main projects implemented by Remeksi Keskus include three Petroter factories for the VKG concern and a Benzoflex factory for the Velsicol Chemical Corporation. Remeksi Keskus produced a transportation system for the Stora Enso company. Some of its largest products include various lifting mechanisms with forces of up to 1,000 tons – like gantry cranes, bridge cranes, and ship loading machines – for EU and Russian companies.

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