The AXIOMA brand brings together the Axioma Metering, Axioma Servisas and Remeksi Keskus companies that are part of the AXIOMA Group as well as the products they develop.

A crossed out letter O in the AXIOMA name is the feature characteristic of all brands owned by AXIOMA and recurs in every logo part of the family.

Protection Area

There is a protection area around the AXIOMA logo, i.e. a clear space where no strange element is allowed to appear.

The area of the protection zone is limited by the height of letter O as shown in the below scheme.

Writing in Texts

In any texts, the AXIOMA name is written in capitals without quotation marks and it shall not be inflected.

Primary Colours

These are the three primary colours where AXIOMA logo is used:

In black and white versions, either a white or a black AXIOMA logo should be used on black or white backgrounds respectively:

Exclusively a white AXIOMA logo shall be used on photographs:

In cases where the colour of the background does not meet any of the above-mentioned criteria, a white logo shall be used:

To download an AXIOMA logo in a .jpg format, please click on the picture:

To download an AXIOMA logo in a .pdf format, please click below:


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