"Axis Industries" group of companies


Corporate group Axis Industries – a corporate group in Lithuania that develops, manufactures and implements engineering products and solutions for the city, industry and energy, operating for over 20 years. The group includes Axis Technologies, Axis Power and Veikmės statyba.

CEO: Mantas Galdikas


Axis Technologies develops technological equipment for biofuel boiler rooms and power plants, builds industrial objects. The company has implemented more than 200 projects in the Baltic states and other countries. The company provides integrated services: performs technical expertise of objects, and designs, creates, assembles, launches and balances boiler rooms and electrical equipment.

More about the company: www.axistechnologies.eu

CEO: Paulius Arštikys


Axis Power UAB, which is oriented towards the development abroad, builds energy objects and other objects of special purpose, complex construction and technology, and specializes in concrete and masonry works. The company also operates in the field of industrial and energy engineering – it manufactures and installs electrical switchgear and systems for industry and public energy.

More about the company: www.axispower.eu

CEO: Mantas Galdikas


Veikmės Statyba UAB joined corporate group Axis Industries in 2016. Veikmės statyba, which has more than 60 years of working experience, participated in the implementation of the largest construction projects in Vilnius. The company is a well-known builder of administrative buildings and residential blocks. As a part of the group, Veikmės Statyba continues construction of these objects in Lithuania and usually takes over functions of a general contractor of projects.

More about the company: www.veikmesstatyba.lt

CEO: Viktoras Navickas

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